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I have a three year old male pot belly pig that I am giving up for adoption. He has always been a house pet and has lived in my house during the cold winter months here in Wisconsin. The person who wants to adopt him has a hobby farm and wants to make him a outdoor barn pig. Will there be an issue with the pig(ziggy)transitioning him from the warmth of my home to the cold unheated outdoor barn during the winter months. Should I consider looking for a different living situation for Ziggy?
Thank you for your response.

Pigs do well in barns in the northern US, but it is a little late to be transitioning him to outdoors. At this point it depends on the barn itself. If it's heated then he should be fine.

A solid, windproof barn, with other animals and stalls, is Ok even without heat as long as piggy has lots and lots of straw. Putting a dogaloo stuffed with straw inside the stall will provide even more warmth, as will building a little hut of straw bales inside the stall.

If the barn is drafty or leaky, or just a small shed by itself, I'd say no.  

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