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Pot Bellied Pigs/4 yrs female pt belly pig peeing in house


I noticed her cycle has been more frequent use to be every 28 days.Since DEC been every two weeks.I never had her fixed and she is in the house.Has been trained since I had her as a baby to go outside.When she has her cycle I put down pee pads in my living room incase I am not home and that is where she goes.But lately she is peeing in there when no one is home and she did it today when I was there which is very strange.I had her urine checked and she does not have an infection?What could be wrong and now will she think it  is okay to go there HELP.

When a pig as old as 4 suddenly changes habits it's due to a physical problem or a change in the environment. I understand your vet has already ruled out one possible cause, that is, a urinary infection. Other physical problems are harder to detect and fix, and could include a kidney problem, a reproductive disease like infection or cancer, etc.

I don't know where you are, but I know that here we've had a cold winter, much colder than the last few years. If that's true for your area, too, it could be part of the problem. If it's very cold, she may just not want to go out, and instead settle for the Time of the Month spot. Or, when she is out, she may not be emptying herself, because she's cold and wants to come back in.

Yet another possibility is that she's drinking more water, either due to illness or boredom. Diabetes causes increased thirst and urination. If she's drinking more water to amuse herself, then she's going to need to go more and more often.

Having her spayed will solve the problems with her cycle, and prevent any future reproductive related illness.

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