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Hi there, I of course have a pot belly pig,Teaspoon is 5 months old,I have her now since Nov.5,2013,I found it hard to house train her,first she was only peeing on mats/rugs so took all them up,then it was just the floor( much easier to clean up)and yes like a puppy I took her out side once she woke fr a nap,kept her out side with me until she would pee,never took my eyes off her in my small apartment,turns out now that I look at it,it really only took me 6/7 weeks to train her to a pan in the bathroom of sawdust fr our barn and cedar chips fr a store,she was fully trained(by Christmas 2013)to pee in the pan and always pooped in my barn in the day time(Teaspoon goes in our barn in the mornings instead of having her in a dog crate)if I am busy she can be there all to my question she is back peeing in my apartment,first it was my fault she peed in her crate cause she was starting to wake us up at 5:30am and not her usually time of 6:30am (our time to get up anyway)so I ignored her thinking she would go back to sleep for an hr(that had worked once before) but when I got up 20 mins later to get her she had just started to pee in her bed,,I could of cried cause that was my doing,so I just let her pee,how could I get mad,but few days later I think, I found a mat that was wet fr that morning cause the night before I was sitting on that mat,(she is crated and my dogs don't mess in the apartment)then she went behind a living room chair while I was sitting in it and peed...I got her in the act and took her to her pan,but nothing pee was done she new I was mad I made her stay in bathroom while I cleaned up,(I have pocket doors and she can open them so keeping her in bathroom was not easy while I was cleaning but I did)ok so now this morning Happy Valentines Day to me I spent it cleaning up yet again pee,,,grrr,,,I should tell u that its (so far only morning accidents)she comes out of her crate (she was peeing before she ate)but now its eating then go pee,,and its been a week since she used her pan,supper time we walk to barn to feed horses and she will do her thing up there then,I just got a baby gate so in the mornings I am going to feed her in the bathroom and she is not aloud back out til she has done her pee,(its winter here)come on spring I have a fenced in deck she can not get out sorry this was so long ...thanks so much D.

Piggy seems confused. Most pigs do not like to pee where they sleep, but piggy seems desensitized to that. So it will be a little harder to retrain her.

Because she can't hold her pee all night, instead of locking her in her crate, put her crate and her potty box in a small room like a bathroom or laundry room. This way she can relieve herself in the right place if she has to. Also, wash her crate thoroughly and wash, or even replace, her bedding.

Clean all the floors with any quality product designed to remove pet urine odors. Then, because she's so confused, start potty training all over again at square one.

Even if she has already gotten up, peed, and gone back to bed, take her to her potty box before letting her out of her space. Make sure she pees before she comes back indoors. Once she's inside, take her to her litter box at least once every 90 minutes, or after every nap, or if she is just sniffing suspiciously.

Part of the problem is that she doesn't know she needs to pee until it's too late, and she can't hold it long enough to get to the box. But you are smarter than her, so if you watch her pee habits closely you'll know when she needs to go before she does, and you can take her to her box or outside.

I highly recommend the book Pot-Bellied Pig Behavior and Training by Priscilla Valentine, and the video There's a Pig in the House by

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