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I recently got a mini/pot belly pig. Hes an absolute joy to have! I have had him about a week and have desperately trying to potty train him (something the breeder did not do) I have a shallow litter box with pine shavings in it for him and placed it in a corner where he had an accident. I wiped up the pee with a paper towel and placed it in the litter box along with poo so he could smell where to go. Well sadly he has yet to make it in the box and comes no where near it. Any suggestions please!?

Baby pigs need to potty often. And, they don't realize they have to go until it's too late - they can not hold it very long. If the potty box isn't right near them, they'll have an accident because they just can't hold it.

Give him a smallish, safe space, like a laundry room, bathroom, large closet or small bedroom. Put his bed, litter box and water dish there. When he is not right at your side, ideally on a harness and lead, he should stay in his confined safe space. He might complain at first, but this way he is safe and near a litter box.

The box itself should be big enough to turn around in, have one low side he can easily step into (pigs do not like the idea of stepping up to go potty), and have a non-slip surface.

Make him use the box before you let him out of his space. Make him use the box before and after each meal. When he is awake and with you, take him to the box often. The idea is to take him so often he just can't make a mistake. Start by taking him to the box at least once an hour, then gradually extend it to maybe 90 minutes. He'll get into a rhythm pretty quickly. By the time he's about 6 months old, he should be able to last a couple of hours without going potty.

I highly recommend the book Pot-Bellied Pig Behavior and Training by Priscilla Valentine, and the dvd There's a Pig in the House from tophogs.com

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