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I have an 8 year old male pig who is not neutered. I was advised when I got him several years ago, that he was too heavy and the surgery to neuter him posed an unnecessary risk. About 2 months ago he started to limp pretty badly on his front legs. I called the vet out who noticed his testicles were pretty enlarged. I advised him that they fluctuate and become more firm and enlarged when he is agitated.  He gave him a long acting antibiotic and is now  on a daily anti-inflammatory. He has good days and bad days and it seems to correspond with how cold the weather is. I think my vet is responding to this to the best of his ability, however, I am not sure if how much experience he has with pigs. Can you please tell me if the enlarged testicles is somewhat normal? and what your recommendation is if the real issue is moderate-severe arthritis?  Thank you.

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis over the internet. I do not have a lot of experience with intact male pigs, because I neuter all rescues immediately, or as soon as they reach a safe weight.

If he was too heavy to neuter, that extra weight is most likely caused the limp. Extra weight causes stress on the joints that leads to arthritis. Rimadyl is the preferred treatment, it is both safe and effective. Stomach upset could be a side effect, but that can be prevented by giving piggy a dose of Pepcid AC or something similar.

As for the testees, I think the best solution is to get him neutered as soon as possible. When they're gone, they won't be a problem.

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