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Our pig is 1.5 years old ans is usually very gentle.Recently we came home from work,to find her acting very aggressively! it has been 3 days now,and no change! She dosen't want to be touched by my wife or myself.....and will snap and try to attack us.....She also seems to be coughing\sneezing with a very runny nose. She is a big part of our family,but I have 3 kids,that i am afraid she will bite! Please please please help! Thank you in advance!

Physical pain or illness can cause pigs to become aggressive. You mention that you came home from work to suddenly find this change. It is a scary possibility, but could somebody have entered your home and harmed her while you were gone?

I think she should see a vet. She may have an object lodged in her sinus cavity or an infection.

There's a list of vets that see pet pigs at

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