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I have found two teeth on the floor that belonged to my 4 yr old Pbp. I found them days apart. They look like they have broken off. They were from her bottom front teeth. What could be the cause? I have her on a sedintary pig food diet. what can i do for potential pain. Were these her adult teeth? will they be gone forever?
Thank you so much

I am guessing your pig is one of those pigs with a huge underbite and long teeth in the center of the lower jaw. Sometimes these lower teeth can turn into "shovel teeth" that interfere with a pigs ability to eat, or get caught and broken off the way tusks often do.

At age 4, yes, they were her adult teeth and they will not grow back.

Piggy should see a vet. A vet can rule out any underlying health problem that would cause her to have fragile teeth, or a jaw infection that can cause teeth to loosen and fall out. A vet can also knock her out to smooth down any sharp edges on the broken teeth, that could injure her or snag on something causing the teeth to break further. And a vet can prescribe a good pain medication like Rimadyl. There's a list of vets that see pet pigs at

Pigs can take baby aspirin at 325 mg per 75 lb of pig.  

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