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Hi,  I have a micro mini pig and he is great.  A few questions though.  He came litter box trained, but since I have brought him home, I notice he will have a few accidents on my carpet and this morning he pooped in his box and proceded to go under my bed and finish it.  He seems to pee a lot!!!  I also bring him to work and I notice he uses his box a lot.  The breeder I got him from is absolutely no help what so ever.  Horrible breeder.  I have 2 boxes around my house.  One is the laundry room which his his main spot, but one in my closet cuz he hangs out with me while getting dressed. What should I do

Young piglets have tiny bladders and have to pee frequently. Worse still, they usually don't know they have to go until it is too late to make it to the box! So, the trick is to get piggy to the box before piggy even thinks about peeing.

Start by giving piggy a safe, confined area, like a laundry room, bathroom, or small bedroom. Put his crate and litterbox in there, along with a water dish and toys. When piggy is not right at your side, he needs to stay confined to this area.

Make piggy go into the box and pee before letting him out of his space. Make piggy pee in the box before and after breakfast, as soon as he wakes up from a nap, and every hour or so. The idea is to keep piggy so empty piggy does not have a chance to make a mistake. It is not easy to stick to a strict routine like this, but necessary to do so for at least a month. During that time you'll be able to tell when piggy is going to need to potty, and be ready to take him.

When piggy is out of his safe space, it helps to keep him on a harness and lead. This way you are always aware of what he's planning to do, and can rush him to the box if he starts to get that look in his eye.

The box should be large enough for piggy to turn around comfortably, have a low side so he can step in without stepping up, and a non-slip surface so he can feel safe when he's in position.

I highly recommend the book Pot-Bellied Pig Behavior and Training by Priscilla Valentine, and the dvd There's a Pig in the House from tophogs.com

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