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Pot Bellied Pigs/rash on belly and legs


I have a male micro pig with a red rash on his belly and legs. The rash is  bright red seems to itch pretty bad. He has had his injection for internal/external parasites (about 2 weeks ago)He's liter boxed trained we use pine shaving in his litter box. I was wanting to know if there is an over the counter lotion/ointment that would be safe to use on him to clear this up? He weighs 3Lbs.12 ounces.  

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration
Sharon Bryant proud mama of squirt

Hello Sharon,
Often a piglet needs at least two treatments of Ivomec to make sure all of the eggs have also been killed.
It sounds like mites to me.  I have never had a pig react to pine pellets but of course anything is possible.
How old is your piglet?  
If this is mites again you will need to be careful not to infect yourself as humans can get them also.
You will need to start all over with the treatment.  One dose now and one does in 12 to 14 days.
Keep his bedding clean.
A great topical for helping with the itch is Infinity Plus Topical.  It is all natural and works very fast to stop the itch.
You can find it at on their product page.  Their feed is the very best for these little pigs.  All of their products are specially designed for small pigs.
Hope this helps,

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