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Hi there,  I have a pet Juliana Pig.  She is 3 years old. Very healthy, indoor pig.  About 24 hours ago she stopped pooping, is very agitated (nipping and biting at me and the other pigs--she never does that).  She has no other symptoms.  She is still wanting to eat, still drinking, still peeing, no fever, but is wanting to sleep and be left alone.  Her belly seems very sensitive to the touch--makes her "bark"...I've given her Pumpkin and Applesauce, combined with a Tablespoon Mineral Oil.  I'm in the watch and wait period now but I don't want to cause harm to my pig.  Should I give it another 24 hours and monitor her?  If nothing passes a vet visit?

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis over the internet.

A pig that refuses to eat or drink is a pig in distress. So as long as she is still eating and drinking and peeing, she most likely will be Ok.

If she doesn't ride in cars very often, then a short car ride is the next step. The vibrations of the moving vehicle can shake things loose, so to speak. Many times a constipated pig is loaded into a car for a ride to the vet, and poops after a few minutes in the car.

If after 3 days she still hasn't pooped, or if she shows other signs of pain or distress, or if she appears to be straining to go for minutes at a time then she will need medical care. Pigs eat all sorts of things, and non-digestible things can get stuck in the intestine and cause a blockage. Rugs are a common culprit, as pigs tear rugs apart they occasionally swallow the strings that hold the rug together.  

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