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I am the 2nd owner to a mini pig named Lucy. She is a little over 2months old. She seems to be adjusting well with the exception of 2 things. She is constantly chewing on anything she can get in her mouth like shoe laces, my slippers the dinning room chairs. Is this common & how do I correct her from doing so? Everywhere I've read says to give my hands a loud clap & tell her no. That doesn't seem to phase her. My second problem is she will often try to bite me. Sometimes its after a good belly rub( which she seems to enjoy) sometimes while I sit on the floor she will climb on my lap & go to bite my shirt, if I see her ready to bite I've tried cupping my hands and gently  pushing her back, But that seems to make her snap.  And she only seems to bite at me, not the children. I would really like suggestions on correcting this behavior.

Piggy is showing signs of early weaning. She is trying to interact with you the way she would interact with her piggy momma. So, you need to communicate with her in her language.

Pigs see the world as a ladder, with each person, pet or pig having his or her own rung. Pigs show their position on the ladder by making lower pigs move. For example if a low pig is sleeping under a bush, a high pig might come along and make the low pig get up and walk away. The high pig may take the spot, or simply move on allowing the lower pig to keep the spot. The interaction wasn't about the sleeping spot, the point was that the higher ranking pig is in charge, and can make the lower ranking pig move.

So, many time throughout the day, make piggy move. Make her take a couple of steps back for no reason. Or, when she settles into a chair, make her get up and take a few steps. The point is for you to be the higher ranking pig who can, and does! make the lower ranking pigs move. Never step over or around piggy, always make piggy get up and move out of the way.

Everyone in the family should practice this Move The Pig plan. Piglets are small and know they are vulnerable, so they will let others be higher ranking. Piggy is challenging you only, because piggy isn't ready to rank over anyone except Mom!

Pigs need to root. It's instinctive behavior that they really can not control. It sounds like piggy needs to keep her snouty busy. Take her outside as much as possible, and make a rooting box for her. That's anything sturdy, like a small childs swimming pool, filled with hard rubber balls or something similar. Encourage piggy to play in it by sprinkling a few Cheerios in with the balls.  

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