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I have a 6 month old micro mini juliana pig named Hamlet. We are having problems with him trashing his room when he gets upset with us. While we are away, we keep Hamlet in the his room. He has a small bedroom to himself. It has everything he needs in there. One day last week we had to go out of town for a doctors appoinment. It was only a day thing. We got home a couple hours later than we would have if we would worked that day. When we got home and opened Hamlets door it was a complete disaster. He had moved his litter box into the middle of the room. pooped and peed on the floor where the litter box should have been. His bed was flipped upside down. There was litter everywhere. He has a silky pillow case he likes to sleep in. That had been peed all over and he pooped all inside it.
This evening I got home from work at my normal time. My hubby and I decided to go to subway to get something to eat. We put Hamlet in his room and left. We were only gone for about 20 minutes. When we got home and opened his door there was another disaster. He managed to pull his litter out of the closet and off a travel crate we set it on so it not on the floor. He ripped a hole in the bag, scattered litter everywhere and pooped and peed in the litter on the floor.
What can we do to stop this spiteful behaviour? We try to stick to our routine because I'm a routine type of person but sometimes it's impossible to stick to your routine for a day or two because of work or other situations.

ANSWER: Hello,
I have a few questions for you also.
Can you please send me a couple of pictures of you piglet and let me know what brand feed he is eating and how much.

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Hamlet 1
Hamlet 1  

Hamlet 2
Hamlet 2  
We feed him proform step 4 complete horse pellets and natures science 12% rabbit pellets. This is what the breeder we got him from said to feed him. He gets  1 cup of the pellets a day so 1/2 cup in the morning with about 1 1/2 cups of mixed veggies with a few pieces of strawberry tops, honey dew rinds and watermelon rinds. Throughout the day he gets little treats when he does something good.
He was the runt of the litter. When we got him he weighed about 3 pounds. He was super tiny. Now, he's still tiny but he's solid. He weighs about 18 pounds. He doesn't look like he would though. He's not chubby looking nor can we see or feel his spine or ribs. Do you think he's not eating enough and that's why he is spiteful?

Thank you for sending along the information I requested.
I highly recommend that you make a change in his diet.  He is very cute by the way!
I have done some research and the feeds are not compatible with a miniature pig diet.
Neither are balanced properly to supply the nutrients that you little guy needs.
I have been studying mini pig nutrition for over 30 years now.  
When an animal doesn't have the proper balance of nutrients they can have numerous issues such as too emotional and health problems.
I suggest you change out his feed and start feeding him Infinity Plus Miniature pig feed and their Multi Vits/Mins supplement.
This will insure that all of his nutritional needs are taken care of.  You should notice a change for the better in just a week.
You can purchase the feed and Vits at royaldandie.com on thier prouct page.
Hope thi helps,

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