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Pot Bellied Pigs/potbelly pig eating duck food


I live with my roommate and we have been noticing piggy has been going into the duck food and eating their food. I am stumped in how to train him to not do this. Itsmaking him sick. He will just go and pull up the fence no matter what we do.can u help me.

Pigs are smart, but also very food oriented. It is pretty close to impossible to teach them to not eat something. The only option is to physically keep him out of the duck area.

The fence must be secured at the base or reinforced. Or, instead of leaving food out for the ducks at all times, feed the ducks at meal times, and keep piggy locked in a separate area until the ducks have finished their meal. Another option is to start on harness training, and keep piggy on a harness and lead when piggy is near the duck area.

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