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I'm not sure if you remember me, but I ask you questions about my piggy whenever I have them. I got Lloyd almost 3 months ago and everything is a lot better then it used to be. His only issue is that he wants food all the time. Although we never give in he still gets up every time we do hoping for food. He'll follow us into the kitchen from what seems like a deep sleep, snorting for food. We don't give in because we don't want to screw this up. In your opinion, how long do you think it takes to break an old habit into a new one? His old owner did care for him for 10 months and I'm not sure what his life was like before me. But my real question is just a question and not a problem. I love my piggy very much. He feels like a child to me. I do everything for him and he knows that. My boyfriend is not the biggest fan and although he is never mean to Lloyd to doesn't try to cuddle with him the way I do. I give Lloyd kisses all the time, talk to him all the time and rub his belly a lot. My boyfriend doesn't do these things with him because there's no bond. Which is fine. The pig is mine and my boyfriend bought the piggy for me because I wanted him. But Lloyd wants to sit beside my boyfriend all the time. if it comes to sitting with me or my b/f, he chooses my b/f. I don't understand this because I'm the one who shows Lloyd all of the attention and affection. My b/f always laughs and says it's my aura, and that he has a nicer aura. Could that be true? lol and why does Lloyd want to be so close with my b/f when really my b/f could care less whether Lloyd was there or not?? just curious...jen

It takes a very long time for a pig to break a habit that involves food. But, I think Lloyd is also just curious about what you're doing. He's still young and young pigs are energetic. When he's a few years older, he won't bother getting up as often.

Sometimes it's hard to figure out what a pig is thinking. Here, I think Lloyd isn't totally sure about his position in the "herd". Lloyd may think there is an opportunity to move up to the rung above your bf. Your bf might want to do a little bit of Move the Pig. If he makes piggy get up and move somewhere else, he's telling piggy who is in charge.  

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