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Pot Bellied Pigs/2 pot belly pigs male/female? abandoned & need a home



both pigs
both pigs  
Hello, thank you for your time.
I have found 2 pot belly pigs. I know nothing about pigs except a few tidbits I just learned. I can't keep them. My neighbor wants to shoot them.
Please hello me find a rescue or a home. I wouldn't mind fostering them but I'm very poor and now I just got a job overseas (1st job in years).
Also, I'm getting conflicting answers on the sex if the pigs. I feel pretty certain the baby is a boy. I assumed the big one was a mama. I was told she is a mama when I sent a pic. Then I sent another pic and now she thinks it is a male.
I'm worried there will be tons of pigs soon.
How do you tell a neutered male from a female?
The big one doesn't try to mount the little one. The little one definitely tries or does mate with the big one. The backs look different to me but maybe the older one is neutered or older and more wrinkly?
The older one has big corner teeth or tusks that show when her mouth is open. When it is closed you can just see the corners if the mouth pushed up.

Male pigs pee from the middle of their bellies. Females pee from beneath the tail.

Pig gestation is three month, three weeks and three days. There is a drug called Lutalyse that can terminate a pregnancy. The sooner it's given, the better.

There is a list of rescues and sanctuaries at, along with a list of veterinarians who see pet pigs and can give the lutalyse if needed.

Also contact  They are based on the East coast, but if you are elsewhere they may have a contact who can help.  

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