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I have two potbelly pigs and that are constantly itching and scratching. The scratch themselves with their hind legs and also rub up against tables and furniture itching and scratching. The bigger pig is knocking things off of tables as a result. The bigger pig also looks as if he is sitting but is really scratching his butt on the floor to take care of an itch. I've googled it and found various responses. Mange or mites is what one source says it may be. Can I treat mange and mites myself? If so, how? Another source says it may just be dry skin. If this is the case is their a lotion that you suggest I apply to them? Are there any other ideas?

Yes....I would recommend that you treat your pigs with Ivomec pig wormer.  It will kill inside and outside parisites.  You should treat them twice 12 to 14 days apart.
You can put Ivomec over a small amount of feed for each pig.  
I would also give them a good skin supplement to prevent dryness.
You can find an Excellent Coat and Skin Supplement at on their product page.
It is the best I have found.
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