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Pot Bellied Pigs/juliane piggie 3 mos old wont ear pellets


Our juliane is about 3 and a half months old and doesn't like her mini pig pellets, we bought her from people that couldn't t take care of her because of their young kids, she was bout 8wks old and they were still giving her milk, formula milk for baby goats, pigs, calves, etc. and loves that stuff.  I tried mixing it with the pellets but she will just suck the milk out, I even crushed and soaked pellets to become mushy and she will eat a little trying to suck it dry.  Ive been cutting bananas or strawberries small so she will eat it, but somehow picks them out. She is lookingskinny and am afraid shell starve, please help

Pigs can be frustratingly picky eaters, but they rarely starve themselves. So my first thought is that she might need to see a veterinarian to rule out any physical problems that might be preventing her from eating.

Make the pellet/milk mix super mushy, keep adding milk until it's like a thick milkshake, almost but not quite liquid. Let her eat as much or as little as she wants, but do not give her any plain milk or formula. The only other food she should get are training treats.

If the vet rules out any problems, and she doesn't get anything in between meals except for training treats, and the food is really syrupy, she should start eating soon.  

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