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Hi :) it's time for a hoof trim, I've read that I can give my pot Benadryl to calm/sedate her, also I've read that some people give them beer. Can you confirm for me if this is safe, if so what would mgs per pound of body weight be for Benadryl? or how much beer? She is 14mo. and weighs about 150 give or take a couple lbs.   Thank you

Yes, some people do use beer or Benadryl to calm their pigs for hoof trimming. Of course the best method is to desensitize piggy by messing with piggy feet a lot, every day. While piggy eats, while piggy watches tv, while piggy naps.

Before the actual hoof trimming day, give piggy about 1/2 a beer to see how piggy reacts. Most pigs just get sleepy BUT some can be mean drunks! Give piggy belly rubs, if piggy is calm or seems calmer than usual, then beer might work for you, no more than 2 beers at a time.

Benadryl is a little trickier. Benadryl is not a sedative, sleepiness is just an occasional side effect. Like people, not every pig gets drowsy on Benadryl.

By far and away the best method is the scary Hold-Em-Down method. There's several different ways to flip, lift, confine or pin down a pig for hoof trimming. No sedative is needed. Pigs will scream at first, then quiet down until the trim is done. Some pigs will grumble the whole time. But, they are not drugged and are perfectly A-Ok as soon as the trim is over

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