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Pot Bellied Pigs/type of greens for pot bellied pigs


I was wondering about what type of greens are ok for pot bellied pigs? I know that kale, collard and just about all lettuce are ok, but what about mustard and turnip? also what is your take on alfalfa pellets. Our pigs are in a pasture daily with large amounts of white clover.

When it comes to natural foods like kale, clover, etc, it's all OK as long as it was not sprayed with pesticides or herbicides or fungicides or chemical fertilizers.

Some weeds are poisonous, but pigs seem to have a built-in ability to identify and avoid them. It may have to do with smell, because pig noses are extremely sensitive.

Processed alfalfa pellets are ok as a snack or treat, but not as the main food. A complete feed based on alfalfa is ok, the difference is a complete feed includes other grains, too.

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