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Pigallini is a 6 year old female..She eats mini pig food,some fruit and vegetables and grazes ..She weighs 150. Recently she has begun to lay on her side(mostly after eating, but other times too)and rhymically "hiccup"?? / mini grunts??   Other than that she appears to be perfectly normal....She is a house pig, with outdoor time as well....Over the years you have been most helpful and I thank you in advance for your time.

It could be hiccups, a new habit or a signal of tummy upset. It's hard to say what causes hiccups, it could be digestive or it could be due to sinuses. If she seems fine in every other way, then I would not worry too much. Instead, I'd try breaking her meals down into smaller portions more often, maybe two small dinners instead of one big one. And I would moisten her pellets so she doesn't gulp as much air while she eats them

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