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QUESTION: Hi. I just bought (Thursday, July 17) a mini pig. Yesterday there were a few instances where he diarrhead a small amount when you picked him up but was still eating and acting like te adorable little piglet he is. This morning however he has thrown up twice had one raisin sized solid poop and is either peeing or having diarrhea as he walks or lays. He is way more lethargic and not eating although he is still drinking water. He is also shivering quite a bit. If you have any ideas or suggestions that would be very helpful I plan on calling vet tomorrow if things don't change.

ANSWER: How old is he and what is he being fed?

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QUESTION: He was born May 14, 2014 (so about 9.5 weeks) he is eating Mazuri Mini Pig Youth Food. I have also been allowing him to graze outside under my supervision. I have tried to get him to eat some fresh fruits and veggies but he hasnt seemed interestred.

Piglets can get stressed very easily.  It is also very important to feed them the proper diet.
He is too young for extra treats as he has just been weaned.  He will acquire a taste for other treats in a couple of months.
He shouldn't be allowed to graze on grass as it is very high in protein and can cause many problems as well as unwanted weight gain.
The very best feed to give him is Infinity Plus Starter Chow which you can find at royaldandie.com on their product page.  It is designed specifically for small pet pigs and is the best out there for these little guys.
I think once he is on the correct diet he will be fine.
Has he been wormed and vaccinated?  

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