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when a small pig gets diarhea what can I give him to help with that...he doesn't seem to be able to convert from formula/milk to pellets without getting diarhea.... I have him back on formula and water again...

Chronic diarrhea in a piglet could be caused by an infection like e.coli. So if this keeps on happening, piggy will need to see a vet for medicine.

Instead of a sudden switch, try blending just a few, like three or four, pellets into the goat milk. At the next meal, add maybe 6 or 8 pellets, at the next meal, add maybe 10 or 12 pellets. Keep gradually adding more and more pellets at each meal.

The pellets dissolve easier in warm milk, but make sure the food has a chance to cool to room temperature before feeding piggy. Eventually, the mixture will look a lot like cream of wheat.

At this point, you can either switch from goat milk to water and continue to feed wet pellets, or gradually decrease the amount of water by a tablespoon or so each meal.

But, if piggy keeps getting diarrhea, the problem may not be diet.

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