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i am wondering if there is a youtube video out there so we can see how to 'move the pig'?  i want to make sure all 3 of us that interact with Ozzie are doing it the right way.  
Thank you

This is an excellent question, and I'm disappointed to say the answer is, no. I was not able to find a video demonstrating Move-The-Pig or MTP.

With MTP, the goal is to make the pig take a few steps back. The easiest way to do this with most pigs is to stand next to them and push (not kick, just press) the pig's shoulder with your lower leg. If I am sitting down, sometimes I'll use my foot to press on the shoulder.

Another method is to push (not slap, just press) the pigs head to one side, firmly enough for him to have to step away. It may seem wrong, but I've found the safest way to make an aggressive pig move is to push on the pig's forehead or near the top of their head.

I will see what I can do to get a video showing MTP up on youtube. I think (!) if I update my answer here with a link, you'll be notified that the answer has changed.  

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