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I suspect that I am allergic to pine shavings and wanted to know if you knew of any alternatives we could use as litter box filler?  I know not to use cedar shavings or kitty litter. I have read that aspen shavings are "hypoallergenic", or relatively so anyway. Do you know if aspen shavings are safe for PB pigs?   I haven't been able to find any information directly related to pot bellied pigs, but it seems to be the preferred shaving for most other animals.

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There's lots of options for litterboxes, each one has advantages and disadvantages.

Pigs occasionally try to eat kitty litter, and the scented, clumping litters can cause potentially fatal intestinal blockages, so that's why kitty litter is not a good option.

Shredded newspaper used to be popular, but it needs to be changed frequently, sometimes as often as several times a day. Cedar shavings are more expensive than pine and have a sharp scent when soaked with urine.

Some people use no litter at all, or old towels. They rinse the box after use and wash the towels frequently. Disposable puppy wee-wee pads are another alternative.

Pelleted litter is available in some places, and outside of big cities, litter designed for horse stalls is available from feed and farm supply stores.

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