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I just got pickles yesterday. He was born July 1st. I need to bottle feed him I think, But I'm not sure how much at one time and also how often. He's not eating the dry food I have for him. He may just be scared. Also does he need to be vaccinated or given a flea regimen?

He should have been well weaned before the breeder sent him home with you.
Please make the person you bought him from be responsible and give you the proper advice.
Each piglet is unique.  
It is very hard to give feeding instructions without knowing more about the piglet.
What kind of dry feed are you trying to feed him?
How much does he weigh?
Has he already been wormed and vaccinated before you brought him home.
Was he weaned at all before he was sent home with you or just take from his mother.
Make the person who sold him to you answer all of these questions.
I would rather talk with you on he phone.
If you want to send me your phone number I will call you.
My personal email is

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