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QUESTION: Hello I have a Pot Bellied Pig his name is sweetie.I have been noticing his skin is more than just flake  it is also reddish you can scrap the reddish part off and it just comes back.I have talked to the vet about it but she has no real suggestions.I have given him shots of Vetrimec spring&fall the reddish disappears then.He eats a healthy diet  manna pro he is a house pig but does go outside to eat grass.He has also gained weight with no extra food&his one front leg seems to be a little stiff.He is a rescue pig so i am guessing his age at around 9 or 10.I have had as many as 22 pigs but now am down to just 3.I. have had them live to be as old as 23.I just want him to have a healthy long life so any suggestions are appreciated.Thank You

ANSWER: Mange can be stubborn stuff. If you're seeing some improvement after medication, he may need a longer course of treatment. You can give the normal dose as frequently as weekly, and you can go as long as six weeks.

The limping is likely arthritis. Many people have had good luck with Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate supplements, usually the kind for horses like Next Level. Baby aspirin can help, but has some risks when used steadily for a long time. Rimadyl is a popular choice, tho it requires a prescription and can cause tummy troubles. If you chose to use aspirin or Rimadyl, it might help to put piggy on a preventive antacid like Pepcid AC

If he limps or walk awkwardly, that hoof may start to grow funny. Keeping it trimmed will help .

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QUESTION: I am unable to administer a shot weekly myself as he is quite wise to the shot and gets upset and runs away he is not a small pig&i cannot hold him down myself,so is their a topical solution?Thanks i appreciate any advice given all three pigs will be treated as the are in close contact.
I keep all pigs feet trimmed regularly  so i will keep watch of that leg.

I believe there are pour-on formulas for farm hogs. Someplace like Jeffers Livestock Supply or Valley Vet Supply might carry it, or your local feed mill might be able to order some for you. Follow the directions on the package.

Another option is to give the injectible formula orally, at double the dose. It tastes pretty bad, so you'll have to hide it in something extra tasty and strong flavored, like peanut butter.

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