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QUESTION: I have an 11 month old micro mini/juliana pig. We have had nothing but problems with his whinning/squealing for the past couple months or so. He is a pretty good pig besides the excessive whinning/squealing. He is all around healthy so we know it's not having to do with that. We put him outside cuz that's where he wants to go. Shortly after he whines/squeals under the window to come in. We don't let him in. We tell him no noise once then ignore him until he's quiet for 5-10 minutes. Once he quiets we then let him in and give him pets telling him he's a a good boy, no noise.  When he's inside it's the same thing. He whines/squeals while wandering around especially when you leave the room. When he's snuggling with us or the dog, he's ok. He likes to try and play the inside, outside game (wants out then wants in then back out). We don't play that game. It's either he's in or he's out.
I'm not sure what else to do. The ignoring is obviously not working. If this keeps up we may have to find him a new home. We live in a mobile home park so our neighbours live beside us about 15-20 feet away. I'm sure they don't like listening to the pig whine. Who does? I love my pig and don't want to find him a new home but like I said the ignoring isn't helping if anything just making it worse."

ANSWER: Hello,
I would like to start by getting a pictures of him and also what is he being fed and how often?

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QUESTION: Thanks for the reply!
He is fed mini pig food and gets 1 cup a day. 1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 cup in the evening. With his mini pig food he gets a handful of watermelon rinds, honeydew rinds and strawberry tops along with a handful of spinach and kale mix. Throughout the day he gets little treats with his training/practising time.
He seems to whine when he's not getting the attention he wants. I understand pigs are social animals but he always has someone with him. Outside he has the dog with him and he still whines and screams. Inside he has us and whines and screams. When he's roaming around the house that's all he does is whines and screams. When we are not in the same room as him he whines and screams even worse. When he's getting loves and attention he is fine. It's like he wants 24/7 attention.

What a cute pig you have!!!
In my opinion you have possibly two different issues going on.

1.  Pigs often act out due to diet.  I suggest you change his main diet to a more satisfying and nutritionally filled diet.  Infinity Plus Adult Chow and Infinity Plus Multi Vits/Mins were designed especially for these little pigs.  This combination will satisfy your pig for longer periods of time a give him everything nutritionally that is required without adding the sugar from fruits (which pigs are often very sensitive to).
2.  Pigs are creatures of habit.  I don't recommend giving treats all day long for training aids.
Pick once a day for training and treats.
Spinach is approximately 30 % protein which is way too high for these little pigs.  The rinds are mostly Carbs which will give your pig unwanted energy which can cause behavioral problems.
Please go to the Royal Dandie Website and get the proper feed for your pig.
Keep the training to one time per day.  Change his diet and give him a couple of weeks and you should see a huge difference in his behavior.
Hope this helps,

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