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Our pig is looking "bleached",she got into our chicken feed about a week ago, since then it hasn't gone away. she has started to blow out her coat and we feed her one level cup of pellets( no special pig food) 4 C's a day so she gets 4 cups total throughout the day from 6:30 a to 8:30 p. she doesn't root like I read about. She is an outdoor piggy I feel like she is happy being a pig and has free range and a warm bunk house with the chickens. She gets some corn from the corn field and I give her chonks of watermelon from time to time. That is really all. Can you help us? Also can females get uti's? She is a loner and doesn't mind the birds or the farm dogs. Thank you!

I am guessing that your pig is black or mostly black. Black pigs skin often turns greyish when they are blowing their coats. When her coat starts to come in, moisturize her with something like Corn Huskers lotion, and she'll start to turn dark again.

Mange can also cause black pigs to take on a greyish cast. If she hasn't been treated lately, the recommendation is two doses of Ivermectin, 2 weeks apart.

Still another possibility is that she is going to change color. Black pigs often develop white patches as they age.

Chicken feed isn't good for pigs, and some of the antibiotics used in chicken feed can give pigs a terrible stomach ache. Chances are the chicken feed has nothing to do with the change in skin color.

Females can get UTIs, and unspayed females can also develop uterine tumors. Both myths about breeding and tumors are false. Pigs that have never been bred develop tumors, and do pigs that had one or two litters. Spaying is the only known prevention.

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