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I have a baby yorkshire pig we broughtin to nurse. Hes 2 weeks and three days old today.(the 18th) We think His head was steped on by mom. Initially he wasent drinking milk, couldnt suck and his back legs and hips didnt seem right. Now its been 3-4 days hes eating great ans sucking but his legs are weaker and he cant seem to stand on them at all. We knew he might not make it but is there anything i can do to better his chances?

It's hard to save runt or rejected piglets. Keep him warm, don't let him get too chilled. f he isn't moving well, he won't be able to keep himself warm.

Give him goat milk or sow replacement formula or both, at room temperature.

Keep his blood circulating and his digestive system moving with lots of massage. Gently massage his feet and legs. Help him stand, hold him while he walks a little, to help him keep his mobility.

Good luck, I hope this baby makes it.

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