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i just adopted a juliana pig. He continues to try and mount my female dog which ends with her snapping at him and him snapping back. Any suggestions? The neutering was 2 weeks ago

It takes a little while for the hormones to leave the pigs system after neutering. Usually, the pig is no longer fertile after 30 days, and the behavior should stop almost completely by then.

Piggy is close to a year old, so part of the problem is simply bad habits. Another part of the issue could be piggy's attempt to establish himself above the dog in the social order. Pigs see the world as a ladder, with each person, pet or pig having his or her own rung, and piggy might be trying to make sure he's on a rung above the dog.

Sometimes pigs have an extra, undescended testicle. If this is the problem, and the vet didn't catch it during the neuter, it will seem as if piggy was never neutered at all, because that stray testicle will still pump out hormones. If nothing has changed 6 weeks after, then it's time to consider this possibility.

In the meantime, try to redirect piggy's humping to a toy. Some pigs like stuffed toys, others choose strange objects like plastic buckets or balls.  

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