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I got a 6wk old pot bellied pig 3 days and she will not eat anything at all, she drinks water but that's it.  she was a barn pig and the person i got her from said they all ate, but i find that hard to believe as he had many piglets.  i have tried soaking the pellets with milk, soaking the mash the person gave me, even soaking a few pieces of dog food, rice, you name it and she wants nothing to do with food at all. she does have yellow diarrhea.  we also tried a water bottle with milk and probiotics.  do i need to take her to a vet or is it that once she is very hungry she will eat. we have also tried dry pellets and leaving in her kennel at nite and nothing.

Try putting her kennel is a quiet place with no loud noises. Put a dish of room temperature plain goat milk on the floor of her kennel, and leave her alone for a little while.

If she still does not eat, then she may need to see a vet. The diarrhea may be from stress, or she may have an infection and need medicine.

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