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Pot Bellied Pigs/Freaking out for Food


MarkPrivate1944 wrote at 2015-07-03 10:13:47
What you need is to feed your pig the proper amount of food 2 or more times a day at a set time and schedule snacks in between those feeding times at the same time every day. Your pig will act out and scream if he is hungry and he will do the same thing if he thinks he can get you to give in and give him a snack! He is a child throwing a tantrum to get his way, don't let him. If you are worried about feeding him too much or too little and him being hungry this is a good website that helps you to evaluate your pigs BCT, Body Condition Score (pig equivalent to the BMI, Body Mass Index, for humans)so you know for yourself if your pig is too thin or too fat!

Patty's response to EVERY question is to send the person her personal email address to "talk about their feeding habits" where she directs them to her website to buy her royal dandie pig chow and Infinity Plus products or she just sends them directly to her website. Some of her advice is good but Patty is clearly here to make money selling her products. Please do not take Patty's advice and purchase her food or follow her feeding schedule, she kills piglets by underfeeding them to stunt their grown and tries to supplement their need for food with vitamins and minerals which do not always save the pigs life and ALWAYS shortens their life expectancy. Ask any vet. Reasearch Patty by searching for complaints about Royal Dandy pigs, you will see for yourself she can not be trusted to give good advice on raising pigs.  

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