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Hello, Our piggy is 9 months old. We have been trying to train him to sit or stay for about 2 months now and he just isn't getting it. We are using single snacks such as a cheerio, raisin or a grape. He just freaks out for more. He will even snip at our hands or legs for more. He will not sit or even think about staying in one spot.
At his feeding times he snorts, squeals and screams until he is fed.
We can't eat food around him or he will jump on us and try to take our food. We have to put him in his pen while we eat.

We are feeding him Mazuri pig feed (1.5 c per day) as well as fresh veggies and fruits.
I'm worried we are not feeding him enough or his simply spoiled..

He is 9 months old and weighs 14 pounds. We have had him since he was 6 months old and he was only 5 pounds.

I would suggest that you change his feeding program.  What you are feeding now is causing him to be aggressive as it is not satisfying his nutritional needs.

Infinity Plus:
It is balanced for Mini pigs and will keep him satisfied and healthy.  
You will also want to try the Vit/min supplement.  It is designed for indoor pet pigs so they receive all the benefits of what they would get if they were outside rooting around all day.
You should see a nice difference in his behavior in about a month.  He will be more satisfied and less aggressive.

Give him only healthy snacks...mostly vegetables and a very small amount of fruit.
Hope this helps.

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