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my pig is now 10 months old at first he was litter trained but then started taking him out while the litter box was there then he decided to start going out the doggie door. I don't have other pets hes the only one. he did great then after he got fixed around 2 months he started peeing on the carpet(bedrooms are carpet rest of the house hardwood) I figured since he was sore he couldn't make it. then he wasn't allowed in the bedrooms and did fine around 7 or 8 months he started peeing on the couch after he did it he got locked in his beginner room where the doggie door is for about a day or two for punishment. let him back in the whole house and he would do good for 2 days and do it again after the third time then he started peeing in the kitchen and now its peeing and pooing in the house. now I don't know what to do I have a 3 year old and if I cant fix his problem I will be forced to find him a new home. please give me some advice I have no clue what to do.

This problem can be solved. But, it didn't grow to this point overnight, and it will take time and consistency to change piggy's bad behavior

Basically, piggy needs to start potty training from square one. At age 10 months, he should be able to hold his pee for about 2 hours while he's awake and longer while he's asleep.

Pigs don't understand the concept of "time out". They know only that they are being excluded, but piggy won't make the connection between a potty mistake and being confined. But, being confined to a small space with a potty box (along with the doggie door) is an important part of his training.

Start by putting him, his bed, a litter box, water dish and some toys in his space. The box should be big enough for him to turn around in, have at least one low side so he can step in, and a non-slip floor so he can feel safe.

Before feeding him breakfast, make him go potty in his box (or outside, but you must go with him to make sure he actually pees, so using the box might be easier for now). Then give him breakfast in his space. After breakfast, potty again.

Put him on a harness and lead when you let him out of his space, so you'll have more clues when he needs to potty, Make him go potty before letting him out of his space.

Keep him close to you and keep an eye on him. If he acts interested in his accident spots, take him to potty in the box or outside, and make sure he potties. After an hour, take him to potty, If you leave him in his room for a short nap, take him to potty as soon as he wakes up and before letting him out of the room. Take him to potty before and after lunch, training sessions, dinner, etc,

In short, take him to the potty box or outside every couple of hours without fail. The idea is to keep him so empty he can not make a mistake! If you can not keep him right with you, ideally on a harness and lead, make him stay in his room. He will not be happy, but it is important that he make no more mistakes.

Now here's the tricky part. Pigs learn quickly and unlearn very slowly. Piggy has already learned how to have accidents, that's what piggy needs to unlearn. With strict new potty polices, that is, going to the potty every two hours, piggy will learn to get the potty in the right spot. But, piggy will also remember the accidents, and will try to use the accident spots again. And he will remember for a very, very long time. So the hardest part will be to keep up the potty routine for at least three months.

The first few days of this new routine, try to get him to the potty box every hour. After a couple of days, you'll get a feel for his patterns, and you'll know for example that he likes to pee maybe an hour after a meal, and you can get him to the potty box before he has a chance to make a mistake.

Clean all of his accident spots with any quality cleaner designed to remove pet odors. Keep him away from these spots if you can. If you can't, for example, the couch, make him go potty in his box before letting him on the couch. Do not let him stay there longer than 2 hours, and make him go directly to the potty box after getting off the couch. Again, the idea is to keep him so empty he can't make a mistake

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