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Hello, I have a 300 pound pot belly that was supposed to be a mini pig, lol -_- He is two years old, and vetted at home regularly! Sounds huge, but vet says he looks great! We are moving for the first time since we brought him home, next month! I have no idea how we will move him! He only goes into our back yard. He doesnt like concrete, so he wont even go on the driveway. He doesnt like new things, and being as big as he is, its difficult to "force" him to do anything! I have no idea how we can physically move him to a new location! Its only about fifteen minutes down the road, but he has never had to be put in a vehicle or trailer, or anything similar! How would you go about moving a 300 pound pig, that wont even walk on the driveway or into the kitchen?! He is nothing like the other pot belly pigs i read about. He is huge, and more like a farm pig! My idea was renting a horse trailer or similar, and more or less forcing him to get in! But my fiance thinks we can try and load him into the bed of our pickup, and sit with him for the ride! I have no idea what to do, and would love some advice! Again, he is not like a normal pig, he stays inside and really doesnt like ANYTHING new! I appreciate you reading this and any advice! Thank you!

The safest way to transport a pig is in an airline approved crate. If you have time, you might be able to crate train him, starting by sprinkling the inside of the crate with vanilla and feeding him all his meals inside the crate. But, this technique could take a couple of months with a stubborn or timid pig.

So, you might end up having to force him into a crate. The bigger the crate the better. Put him and the crate in a small room, and using boards get several people to just sort of push or herd him into the crate. Or, get him into a corner with someone behind him or someone on each side. Lift up his front legs and put his front feet into the crate, then sort of slide the crate over the pig.

If all you can get is a large wire dog cage, you can remove the floor of the cage and just plop the cage itself over the pig. Make sure to reinforce the cage before doing anything, because these cages are designed for dogs not pigs. Then, when the cage is over him, try to "walk" him, by moving the cage, onto the cage floor and latch the floor to the cage (Make sure to reinforce the cage floor!!) One possibility is to bold the floor to a piece of plywood. Once the floor is secured to the cage, tip one side and slide some wheels under it, like a furniture dolly or such. Repeat to the rear, and now you can roll him up a ramp.

I would NOT put him in the back of an uncovered pick up. I suggest renting a cargo van for the ride, sometimes they are available for a day or so for under $40

Please keep in mind that you might get only ONE chance to force him into the crate. The more people you have the better!

The biggest danger is piggy will break loose. A normal human being simply isn't strong enough to hold a large, frightened pig. Whatever technique you choose, make sure he is securely locked into his transportation crate, cage or trailer.

Yes, another alternative is to put him in a horse or other trailer. The advantage is that the trailer will be lower to the ground than the bed of a pick up or cargo van. THe problem will be getting him to walk up any ramp at all. You'll have to make sure that once he's on the ramp it's like a chute, with walls along each side so piggy can not jump off before getting into the trailer. Another possibility is to use the dog cage over the pig technique to walk the pig up the ramp into the trailer.  

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