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Pot Bellied Pigs/my pig bit my son


should i be concerned my mini pot belly pig bit my 14 month old finger an drew blood what should i do

Wash the wound and apply any antibiotic ointment. Your son should be Ok.

The bigger issue is why this happened and how to prevent it from happening again. At 14 months, your son is far too young to assert himself over piggy. Piggy is a piggy. Piggy sees the world as pigs do, and thinks like pigs do.

I suggest keeping the two of them separate. Feed piggy his meals by himself in an out of the way place. Pigs sometimes get possessive of their food dish or feeding spot.

Put piggy on a strict training program. No treats unless they are earned by good behavior or obeying a command. Make piggy get up and move. A lot. This is how pigs in a herd show their place in the herd, making him move teaches him humans are above him on the ladder.

When you're ready to let the two of them interact again, make sure piggy is on his harness and there is no food involved at all.

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