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Pot Bellied Pigs/Potbelly pig, one thing after another.


my poor, sweet, little Matilda pig has been having a hard time with life lately. It has been one thing after another for the past month, and I just really want my girl to be healthy again!

Matilda is 3 1/2 years old, is spayed, and is about 80 lbs.

About a month ago she got an infection in her front hoof. She couldn't walk on it, and it was swollen and hot. We put her on an anti-inflammatory (novox) and ampicillin. She wouldn't drink water, but still had an appetite. I put lots of water in her food and fed her Popsicles to make sure she got some fluids. Two weeks later, her hoof was healed ( I was so glad that I didn't have to carry her outside to potty anymore!), but she stopped eating.... Never a good sign! Luckily she started drinking water again. Her poop was kind of slimy, so we did a fecal test and she didn't have worms. After a couple days of not eating, she just pooped these little white mucus balls. The vet didn't seem alarmed by this, and told us that the ampicillin must have killed the good bacteria in her tummy, causing a tummy ache. We have been giving her yogurt with a bit of pumpkin via syringe for several days now. This has been quite the ordeal because she just spits it out... But we just keep trying to get it down her. Now she will take a couple of bites, but it has been over a week since she has really eaten. Yesterday I noticed some chunky white stuff in her pee... Quite a bit of it. If it is a UTI, and we put her on antibiotics, won't that further upset her stomach? I don't know what to do, or how to make my girl better.  Any advice would be oh so appreciated! Thank you for reading all of that!

I am not a veterinarian, but I believe your pig does have an infection and does need more antibiotics. The two infections, hoof and urinary, are probably not related.

To keep piggy feeling better while taking the meds, give piggy Pepcid AC or something similar according to the package directions. This will keep the meds from causing a tummy ache.

Try giving piggy some Boost or Ensure. Pigs often like the strawberry flavor. Also try things like sour cream or ice cream, or mix cream cheese into moist pellets. Choose the full-fat, full-calorie versions because the goal is to get calories into the pig.

Try giving her small amounts of food, like plain bread or sips on ensure, several times throughout the day. Piggy might be able to handle several smaller meals better than one large meal.

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