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Pot Bellied Pigs/Ultimate catnip for pigs?


Hey everyone. Is there a treat that pigs simply can't resist? Something that would act similar to catnip for cats?
My pet pig refuses to go Into the elevator. She won't do it for her dinner, dates, almonds, crackers, tomatoes. Any suggestions?

Priscilla Valentine, who trained pigs for TV and films, used cheese as the ultimate pig treat.

But if piggy is really scared, no treat will work. The solution is to find a way to make piggy feel more comfortable stepping in. Maybe covering the gap between the building floor and the elevator floor, or spreading out a rug or mat for her to walk on.

Another alternative is to crate train piggy. Use an airline approved crate, either one with wheels or purchase a separate furniture mover or dolly. When piggy is locked inside the crate, piggy will go where ever you move the crate.

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