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Pot Bellied Pigs/Wilbur..First indoor PBP


Yesterday my husband brought home a PBP as a surprise birthday gift, I got severe anxiety about owning him because I have never had a indoor PBP. I have been doing a lot of reading /research on them so I can make an informed decision about keeping him. He is said to be about 10 weeks old and is not fixed an definitely has an odor that is driving me nuts the smell almost seems to stick to you, is there anything to neutralize the odor until he is fixed?, Which that is first on the list to be done. He is already litter trained, but he is very clingy and I haven't even had him 24hrs. When I go to "his space" I sit on the floor talk to him and pet him but when I go to leave he tries to jump over the baby gate blocking off his area, and when I am in there he has to be on my lap and makes a deep grunting noise I have heard horror stories about spoiled PBP and them also being manipulative? Are these normal behavior's?
I am also wondering what would be the best way to introduce him to our Lola? Which is our PBP that we have out in the barn. She is an Adult and very Sassy, we have a large property so she has a door that she is able to go in and out of when she wants, I want Wilbur to be able to go out and play and socialize with her but am worried she may be aggressive towards him. She is very territorial and even let's our other animals know that where ever she decides to be at that moment is her space and they better stay away. Will she be different with him though since they are both PBP? Thank you for your time.

The odor is Boar Scent. Female pigs love it!! People, well, not so much. It will go away after he is neutered. The source of the odor is the preputial diverticulum which is located near the penis. It's job is to collect all sorts of body fluids and secrete that odor. After piggy is neutered, it will shrink. Piggy may, on occasion if he is stressed, empty the pd

Baby pigs are hard wired to stay with the group. A piglet alone in the wild is a piglet that's going to be a predator's dinner! At this point, piggy's behavior is normal and it shows he's bonded to you.

Make sure he potties in his litterbox before you let him out of his space. Pigs are clever. When he learns that you are making him potty so he can come out of his space, he might start faking the potty! So watch him and make sure he really does potty, because if he fakes he will still have to pee, be far from the box, and it's a set up for an accident.

Pigs can be fast friends but introductions are often very rough. Pigs need to decide who ranks where, and they can be aggressive about rank. Start by giving each pig an old towel for bedding. After a day or so, switch the towels (do NOT wash them), so each pig can smell the other. After another day or so, switch them back.

Timing can be crucial when introducing pigs. If your older girl is NOT spayed, then you'll need to wait 30 days after neutering to put the two together to prevent unexpected piglets. If your girl is spayed, you can put them together much sooner, and his Boar Odor might help smooth the introduction a little bit.

If you can, set up a space where the pigs can see and smell each other but not touch. Chances are your older girl will be upset with the new resident. When you put the pigs together, put Vasoline on their ears and tails. Scatter some feed on the ground, and let them together. Because one pig is still a baby, the adult will automatically be top hog. But, if she is insecure about her position, she'll be a little grumpy about it until she's comfortable.

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