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ive got a 3 mth old pbp losing her hair around her eyes doesnt seem itchy enough to have mights wondering if thats something normal

Pigs are very individual animals both psychologically and physically. Some pigs are hairier than others. Some pigs have lots of hair on their faces, some have less.

If piggy is not showing any other symptoms of mange, like an orange tint on the inside of her legs, then mites are probably not the cause.

Pigs with drippy eyes sometimes experience hair loss around the eyes. The eye junk gets on the hairs, which then fall out when piggy rubs his face. This is not automatically a bad thing in and of itself, but, it means you'll have to keep tabs on piggy's eyes. Watch for inward eyelashes, etc.

All pigs shed, called blowing their coat. Your piggy might just be shedding, if so, new hairs will regrow in a couple of weeks.  

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