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QUESTION: I just got my piggy a week ago.  She has had two accidents in the house.  She has her litter box and area as well.  I take her out when I take out the dogs so she has a schedule.  For some reason she won't relieve herself outside.  She  grazes, plays and roots. She even came in the other day and peed on the floor after just coming from outside.  
I'm trying to also harness train her.  She squeals so bad and puts up a fight.  Any ideas on how to make this process go smooth?

ANSWER: Hello,
How old is your piglet?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: She is 8 weeks old.

Your piglet is young and immature.  It will take time and consistency to get her completely potty trained.
If you want an easy on easy off Training Harness/Lease you should try the Infinity Plus Trainer.
It is excellent and will help you have control over your piglet and will teach your piglet to be confident.  There is a video link that comes along with it to help you with training your piglet.
Go to to purchase it.  The other products on their product page are excellent also.
Hope this helps.

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