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Pot Bellied Pigs/8 week female mini pig having white discharge


I just recently purchased a mini potbelly  just over a week ago. She is doing perfect with eating and drinking but I noticed she has been pooping a little less and has been having a white discharge from her bottom. It is a pure white color. After she goes to the bathroom she will scoot her butt across the floor then be fine. Is it normal for the discharge and could she be a bit constipated?

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis or prescribe medication over the internet.

The discharge is not normal and the butt scooting means she is itchy. This could be an infection of her urinary or reproductive tract, or it could be intestinal parasites.

Your piggy needs to see a veterinarian. If this is an infection, she'll need a prescription for antibiotics.

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