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My Pot Belly boar (Sumo - 75 lbs) bred my Red Waddle sow (close to 400 lbs).

The resulting offspring are SUPER cute!!  Pot Bellies with waddles!!  But people want to buy them as pets... How big will they get?  A 400 pound pig is not a good pet in my opinion.  I just want to be able to tell people about how big they will end up being after the cute baby stage.

Thank you!

They are adorable! But, genetics is always a gamble. There is no way to know for sure how big they will be until they are actually grown.

It's probably safe to assume these babies will be much larger than the average, healthy pot-bellied pig. A 250 lb pot-bellied pig is smaller than a German Shepherd. But, because these babies are only half pot-bellied, I expect them to be taller and longer than a pot-bellied pig of the same weight.

So while a 250 lb pot-bellied pig can be Ok as a house pet, these babies might be much bigger at the same weight. Hopefully you'll be able to find people who have a barn and want a large pet barn pig.  

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