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I'm concerned about my 7 month old pbp, Biscuit. He has been constipated for the past 3-4 days...yesterday, I gave him some pumpkin, hoping to soften his stool a little bit. When I woke up this morning and went to feed him breakfast, there was blood mixed into his bedding as well as small pieces of stool mixed with blood and small clots. When he walked over to me, his whole back end was covered in blood. I cleaned him off and checked his rectum....was not torn but looked a little swollen.  I watched closely as he tried to have two bowel movements....he had a few small droppings but had thick blood draining out of him as he "pushed". After a few small movements, the stool looked a little better...wasn't very bloody. I bathed him and examined his little bottom again. He acts perfectly fine....running, playing, eating and giving mommy lots of love. I've kept a close eye on him throughout the day and there has been no more blood in neither his stool nor from his little hiney. I'm assuming he's maybe just torn or strained something after being so constipated. If I notice it again, I plan on contacting the vet ASAP. Is this normal for a constipated baby? Thank you so very much, in advance.

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis or prescribe treatment over the internet.

Bleeding after constipation is not normal. It means something has torn, possibly from excessive straining. If it happens again, taking him to the vet is the right thing to do.

Some pigs are reluctant to drink plain water, and that can cause constipation or make it worse. Make sure piggy gets plenty to drink. If your piggy isn't a water drinker, give him some water with a little fruit juice. Leave plain water out for him at all times.

Giving piggy a little daily pumpkin, like 1/4 cup, can help prevent constipation. So can plenty of roughage, like leaf lettuce, cabbage, outdoor grazing time, hay or straw.

Staying active helps, too. When pigs get lazy, they tend to "hold it" rather than get up and go. Getting them up and moving keeps everything moving through them

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