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How big should my 10 week old should be I don't wont to over feed her and my son got her sister and shes a lot smaller

Feeding pigs is tricky. The most important thing is how the pig looks. If piggy looks skinny, and you can feel ribs or hip bones, piggy is underfed and needs more food. If piggy is very plump, belly dragging or face puffed up so it's hard to see piggy eyes, piggy is overweight.

The rule of thumb is a minimum of 1/2 cup pellets per 15 lb of piglet, with fresh veggies, fruits and grazing time. Active piglets will need more than this.

Pig size is genetic and they grow at different rates. As a rule of thumb, your pigs final size will be about the same as the parents at age 5. If the parents were younger than age 5, they are not full grown.  

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