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This is Amos
This is Amos  
I adopted a 10 month old potbelly pig today. He was treated pretty bad by other animals in his previous home so his owners relinquished him. He had an accident by his litterbox and I noticed his urine has a yellowish/orange tint. He seems very comfortable. Eating, drinking, very active. There's no foul smell and he's also pooping normal. I'm concerned about the coloration though. Could there be a problem with absolutely no other symptoms?

I also am concerned about his confidence and lack of trust towards people. He's okay being pet but screams like he's dying if we pick him up or even physically redirect him. What are some good trust building exercises I can do with him?

Leash training..... I need him to be able to walk on a leash. We have months to learn while its cold outside but by spring, I'd like him to be able to go outside, walk, dig, and be a pig. He absolutely refuses to move when on a leash. What steps do I take to get him used to following my lead?

One last thing, how do I curb his nipping when he gets mad and throws tantrums?

I appreciate any help you can provide. I did a lot of research before getting a pig but nothing prepared me for an individual pigs obstacles.

The things pigs eat and the amount of water they drink affect the color of the urine. As long as he seems Ok, he probably is. Try to get him to drink more water. You can add a little bit of fruit juice to plain water to get him interested. Drinking more should make the urine more pale - but he'll also need to pee more often. You might need to take him to his litter box more often.

Pigs are naturally shy because they are prey animals. Predators are always trying to eat them! Momma pigs never lift their babies, so being lifted is very unnatural to them. Take it slow. Start by feeding piggy all meals from your hands as you sit on the floor. Then feed him as you hold him in your lap. Then hold him and stand on your knees, then finally, standing up.

Leash training is tricky. I recommend the book Pot-Bellied Pig Behavior and Training by Priscilla Valentine, or the pig training videos from John Vincent at

MTP means Move the Pig and that's how pigs in a herd show each other who is more important. Higher ranking pigs make lower ranking pigs move. So the trick is to make him move a couple of steps.  

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