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QUESTION: We have had our female, PBP Charlie for about a year now, she's about a year and two months old. She has her own bed made in our house and on occasion, while we're sleeping, she gathers everything she can find - including (but not limited to) laundry, rugs, shoes, toys, blankets, etc. and puts them all in her bed, like she's nesting almost. Why does she do this?   
Also, she has grown up around our three small dogs and has developed an attachment to one of them (Koda). Often times, she will walk up to Koda, open her mouth and make a sort of breathy noise. She never bites, head swipes, or charges at him - could this be a sign of 'who's in charge'? She doesn't do it to the other dogs. It's not a problem, it just 'weirds' Koda out and he doesn't know what to do, except sit there. Is this behavior that should be corrected?
One last question. She has hit her one year mark - and I've read somewhere that they grow for about 2-3 years. Do they grow the most in the first year, or equally as much in the last years? I'm curious as to how big she'll get, which I know is pretty much a mystery until they're full grown.
Thanks in advance for answering my questions!

ANSWER: Hello,
My first question to you would be.....has your female pig been spayed?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: No she has not.

All pigs that are house pets should be spayed/neutered at the appropriate age.
Your pig is showing signs of a false pregnancy.  She is collecting anything she can find to make a net for her piglets even though she isn't pregnant.  This nesting behavior will probable occur every month along with her heat cycles.
Female piglets should be spayed at approximately three months of age.  You can talk with your Vet to see if she is still young enough to safely spay.
As far as her size.....she should have about 3/4 of her height and length.  She will grow a bit more in height and length but mostly she will gain weight.
Make sure her diet is proper for her individual circumstances.
I highly recommend a good feed like Infinity Plus Adult Chow.  It is the best formulation I have found to keep miniature pet pigs at a healthy weight.  You can find it at royaldandie.com on their product page.

Hope this helps.

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