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Pot Bellied Pigs/12 month old Female in heat


Hello! Thank you so much for this site!  I have seeked your advice before and it really helped.  We have our Maggie who is to be a Juliane, not 100% sure but she fits the criteria and she will be one year old tomorrow!! :) She is not been fixed, and we have noticed over the past few months she gets moody, makes a mess in her crate, and stands up to our leg like a male would to hump, I guess, and rubs her snout on our pants.  We are trying to figure out what this is about.  I know she is older than what they prefer to have fixed, but she isn't big at all am trying to find a vet who can see her.  Also is it normal for her bottom/private to swell up and be bright pink during this time? Please let me know, I also have a few more questions but will handle one at a time for you.
Again, thank you!

Yes, you are describing the symptoms of a pig in heat. One year is not at all too old to spay. Veterinary schools and experienced vets routinely spay pigs that are as old as 8 or 10. Intact female pigs over age 12 often get huge uterine tumors, which require removal and a spay. It's much more difficult and dangerous.

There is a partial list of veterinarians and veterinary schools that see pigs at  If none are close, contact the nearest vets and schools, as they may be able to recommend someone closer to you.

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