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I have a 4 day old pot bellied pig and she pees fine but hasnt pooped yet I have only had her 24hrs now she eats only about 2mls every 2 hrs and I have to wake her up she walks around every time I take her to pee and seems to be doing good but this is the first time I have cared for an orphan piglet is this normal? How.much should she be eating and how often and how often should she poop? Can they drink human baby formula? I have her on monthers milk right now.

A four day old baby is very young to be away from Momma pig. Assuming baby survives, baby may have some behavioral issues at adulthood.

Sow replacement formula and goat milk are the best choices. When baby is about 4 or 5 weeks old, you can start dissolving a few starter pellets in the milk. As long as she is on milk or formula let her have as much as she wants

Babies need warmth! A lot of it! Make sure she stays warm, and doesn't get cold or shivery.

It may take a while for her to feel comfortable enough to poop. Rubbing her belly will help her digestive system.

I suggest getting her to a vet for a health check. Babies get important antibodies from mother's milk that protects them from diseases. Babies are also very prone to diarrhea, so watch out for that, too.

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