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QUESTION: I have a 4 day old piglet and got her last night as she is the runt and the mother wouldnt care for her so I am bottle feeging her. She pees good but so far has not pooped is this normal?  Also she only eats about 2mls every 2hrs she gets up and walks around everytime I take her to pee but she hasnt pooped yet also she is a cuddler and loves to sleep I have to wake her every 2 hrs to feed her and she does well but only eats a small amount is this normal for her?

ANSWER: Hello,
Did your piglet get to nurse the mom at all?  What are you feeding her?

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QUESTION: Yes she was with her for 21/2 days not sure if she actualy did nurse or not and I have her on mothers milk from the feed store

If she received some of her mother's milk she will probably be OK.
I often use Simalac for preemies.  She will need to eat every two hours and small amounts just like you are doing.  She should start having Bm's anytime now.  I not you can give her a little prune juice in with her milk.
This can go on for two weeks or so and then you can add some rice baby cereal in with the milk to make it a little thicker.
Put water in a dish at this time also so she can drink whenever she wants.
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